Alan Hodgkinson


A photograph of Alan Hodgkinson holding his gemmology book Gem Testing Techniques

Alan Hodgkinson is dedicated to bringing gemmology to a wider audience, particularly the younger generation, and awakening an interest in all the intrigue, wonder, fascination and the role that gemstones play and have played throughout history. By themselves, gemstones are inanimate objects until brought to life in the human context.

Alan has lectured about gemmology across many countries around the world, has held positions within gemmological organisations and is the recipient of several awards relating to his dedicated study of the gem world over half a century, including:

  • Honorary President, Scottish Gemmological Association (SGA)
  • Freeman of The Worshipful Company Of Goldsmiths
  • Honorary Valuer of the Institute of Registered Valuers.
  • Honorary member – Canadian Gemmological Association
  • Honorary life member – Gem-A
  • Honorary life member – SGA
  • Honorary life member – AGA
  • Honorary life member – AGTA
  • First winner of the AGA Antonio C. Bonanno Award for Excellence in Gemology 
  • Freeman of the City of London
  • Canadian Gemmological Association’s (CGA’s) inaugural Diamond Award
  • Previous Board member of Gem-A

"My hope for my books use are two-fold: to aid gem identification, and to encourage an active exploration of gemstones” Alan Hodgkinson 

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